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The first Sound Advice store opened in 1974. We were all very young, as were many of our customers. We worked very hard, and in return our customers, their kids, and their grandkids grew to become very loyal. Because of their support, Sound Advice was successful and we eventually took the company public in 1986, and after almost thirty years, we sold the business.

Unfortunately, the company who bought the business, lost sight of what a Sound Advice customer expected. The company we worked so hard to create fell apart. After 34 years, Sound Advice closed its doors.
But ironically, buying electronics today is harder than ever. Selection of the right equipment, and proper set-up are complicated and often frustrating. And, almost exactly as it was in 1974, consumers are limited to, purchasing electronics from “big box” stores, where it is nearly impossible to get a question answered, or purchasing from the individual salesman operating out of his truck. In both cases, getting a demonstration or presentation is nearly impossible.
Seeing this void in the industry, we bought back what was left of Sound Advice, gathered the old team and have set up a network throughout Florida to serve our customers, whether or not we have a showroom in their area.
We built our business on “Satisfaction”. We want you to be completely satisfied with your TV, speakers, home theater, etc. Actually we want you to be thrilled. Throughout the years, we have found the best route to satisfaction is communication. We need to hear what you want and don’t want – in turn, you need to hear all of your options and the pros and cons of each. And although this site includes lots of helpful product selection information, it is no substitute for working directly with you. Simply contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and perhaps arrange, a convenient in-home demonstration of products you’re interested in, or discuss any services you might need.
You’ll notice that many of the products on our site are not available for purchase directly from the site. That’s because we want to ensure compatibility with your other equipment, and then set up the product in a way that maximizes performance. For example, a television requires at least an hour to set up the channels and test the interaction with other components like the cable converter, computer, audio, etc. Plus, you’ll need a short tutorial.
Our prices will, as always, be fair. It is our belief that there will always be room for a company that provides superior service, expertise, support with people that can explain and integrate all of today's technologies so the customer gets the most enjoyment and least aggravation from their electronics.

Give us a chance, I promise we will exceed your expectations.
Peter Beshouri
CEO Sound Advice


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