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McIntosh MAC 6700 High-Performance HD Receiver

This is McIntosh's first receiver since 1993. At 200 Watts per channel, and by using the world famous Autoformer, the MAC 6700 has enough power to properly drive virtually all loudspeakers regardless of their impedance. Plus, the built in AM/FM tuner receives your favorite radio stations with clarity and realism that is free from noise and distortion.

Feature highlights
  • Power: 200 Watts per channel for total speaker control and ear numbing volume.
  • Spectacular AM/FM tuner for noise free sound plus HD radio for easy access to music around the globe.
  • 11 total inputs so you can hook up all your components, plus 3 digital inputs that will decode your digital music at up to 32 bits and 192kHz for crystal clear performance.
  • Two dedicated phono sections so you can use any cartridge.
  • High powered headphone amp for increased volume.
  • On display and fully operational in our showrooms. In-stock.
  • Fort lauderdale 954.563.8344 Boca 561.989.8959
  • 17-1/2" (44.45cm) x 7-5/8" (19.37cm) x 22" (55.88cm)
  • Shipping weight 94 lbs (42.6 kg)
  • Toll Free: 1-866-520-0067
McIntosh MAC 6700 High-Performance HD Receiver

Item #: MAC6700
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The built in AM/FM tuner receives your favorite radio stations with clarity and realism that is free from noise and distortion. The tuner includes HD Radio™ Technology to deliver the latest HD Radio signals for near CD quality sound. It features the same high performance as our stand alone tuners, along with 20 presets for each radio band, as well as a remote AM antenna.

With its preamp section featuring 11 total inputs - including 3 digital inputs that will decode your digital music at up to 32 bits and 192kHz - the MAC6700 is sure to provide you with enough connections and modern technology to keep all your music sources connected and sounding great. Two dedicated phono sections (1 Moving Magnet and 1 Moving Coil) will bring new life to your record collection and deliver the best possible sound from your turntable. The Home Theater Pass Through feature will allow for seamless integration into your existing multi-channel theater system.

At 200 Watts per channel, the amplifier section has enough power to properly drive virtually all loudspeakers. Utilizing the world famous McIntosh Autoformer guarantees your speakers will always receive the full 200 Watts regardless of their impedance, while Power Guard® will prevent clipping and keep your speakers safe from damage. Our new High Drive headphone amplifier features increased gain and output power, and is optimized for virtually all headphone types for the ultimate personal listening experience.

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Available in the US and Canada only. (Other countries please see the MA6700 Integrated Amplifier with optional tuner.)

HD Radio Technology manufactured under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation. U.S. and Foreign Patents. HD Radio™ and the HD, HD Radio, and “Arc” logos are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corp.

PSD: Program Service Data: Contributes to the superior user experience of HD Radio Technology. Presents song name, artist, station IDs, HD2/HD3 Channel Guide, and other relevant data streams.

HD2/HD3: Adjacent to traditional main stations are extra local FM channels. These HD2/HD3 Channels provide new, original music as well as deep cuts into traditional genre.

Digital Sound: Digital, CD-quality sound. HD Radio Technology enables local radio stations to broadcast a clean digital signal. AM sounds like today’s FM and FM sounds like a CD.


Electronic Specifications

Power Output per Channel

200 Watts

Speaker Impedance

2, 4, or 8 Ohms

Rated Power Band

20Hz to 20kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion


Dynamic Headroom


Frequency Response +0,-0.5dB

20Hz to 20kHz

Frequency Response, +0, -3dB

10Hz to 100kHz

Sensitivity Phono (Moving Coil)


Sensitivity Phono (Moving Magnet)


Sensitivity High Level (Balanced / Unbalanced)


Sensitivity (Power Amp)


Signal To Noise Ratio (Moving Coil)


Signal To Noise Ratio (Moving Magnet)


Signal To Noise Ratio (High Level)


Signal To Noise Ratio (Power Amp)


Input Impedance (Balanced / Unbalanced)


Damping Factor


Maximum Output (Balanced / Unbalanced)

8V Unbalanced


Headphone Output

Yes, High Drive

High Level Inputs Unbalanced

5 Stereo

High Level Inputs Balanced

1 Stereo

Variable Outputs Unbalanced

2 Stereo

Variable Outputs Balanced


Digital USB Input


Digital Coaxial Input


Digital Optical Input


Phono Moving Magnet


Phono Moving Coil


Home Theater Pass Through



Tone Controls

Bass and Treble

Tone Bypass and Input Assign


RS232 Control Input


Power Control Output


Rear Panel Data Ports


Rear Panel IR Sensor Input


Input Level Match


General Specifications

Dual Layer Chassis


Output Meters


Tube or Solid State

Solid State

Power Requirement

120V 50/60Hz, 4.8A

Standby Power Requirement

<0.25 Watts

Output Autoformer


Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (W x H x D)

17-1/2" (44.45cm) x 7-5/8" (19.37cm) x 22" (55.88cm)


76 lbs (34.5 kg)

Shipping Weight

94 lbs (42.6 kg)


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